Know The Facts About Carbohydrates

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Mar 072012


All carbohydrates have one thing in common, sugar.  Our body needs carbohydrates because they give us the energy we need to function each day.       If we don’t take in enough carbohydrates, our blood sugar levels drop too low and the brain will lacks important nutrients, and this is when cravings can set in.  Some carbohydrates are better than others because of the way they break down in the digestive track, causing less of a surge in blood sugar.

The body breaks carbohydrates down into the sugar glucose. There are complex and simple carbohydrates, and depending on which ones you eat, it will determine how quickly it is broken down into glucose and absorbed into the bloodstream. When making food choices, consider the fiber content in the food, even though fiber is not digested, it will determine the rate at which the sugars break down and are utilized by the body.  Eating an orange is a better choice than drinking its juice because the fiber in the orange slows the uptake of the sugar.  Remember, there is more fiber in raw, uncooked food, and less fiber in processed and precooked foods.